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A List of Term Paper Topics

American Icon Chief Sitting Bull

This paper uses history help and discusses Sitting Bull as an American icon, first detailing his life, then discussing how he became a symbol of his people and the role he has served since as an icon of the American West, of the Indian wars, and of a time and place in history, seeing him as standing in for all Native Americans because of his fame from his time in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

American Imperialism in the Twentieth Century.

This paper will discuss American imperialism in 20th century and find what attributes our country has to this policy of dealing with its neighboring countries. Some examples will be given and explained as to why they occur and how they happen. By examining the methods and different ways that Imperialism has affected other countries, as a result of American intervention, there can be a better analysis of how the world is affected from it.

American Literature And Immigrant Natives.

This paper discusses the role of immigrant natives in American literature. Willa Cather’s “O Pioneers!” addresses precisely the imbalance and uneasiness between the individual and society, which prevailed in America during the first Puritan settlement. The personal went against what was public, and the individual dream was at variance with the American Dream. Cather shows the struggle of individual potency against the external forces of history and the universe.

American Political Ideology: An Analysis

This undergraduate essay according to the Essay Assistant examines the political ideology of the Founding Brothers, and discusses how these principles affected the development of the United States in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The author also analyzes the differences between Federalism and Republicanism, the role of Manifest Destiny in the expansion of America westward, and the influence that Manifest Destiny had on the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The paper concludes that despite their differences on a number of issues, all Americans shared the same basic confidence in democracy and the belief that Americans were destined to inherent the entire continent.

American Propaganda of The First World War.

Choosing this topic when writing an essay a writer looks at the profound change in the attitude of the American people from the rigid isolationist sentiments of President Wilson’s first term, to the overwhelming support for the war in 1917 and 1918 is of course a function of many factors. But historians are nearly unanimous in the opinion that the propaganda efforts of Wilson’s CPI deserve a great portion of the credit for such a dramatic change in public opinion in so short a time.

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